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Short courses

Science of Language and Reading online short courses

Professor Pamela Snow and Associate Professor Tanya Serry – who founded the Lab in 2020 – are collaborating with researchers, teachers, school leaders and allied health professionals to integrate evidence-based approaches into classroom practice to promote success in reading, writing, and spelling.

SOLAR Lab short courses are all online and fully flexible. You can log on in real time or can view recordings after the presentation. We make a range of resources available to participants, who can interact with us and each other via topic-based discussion forums. Thousands of teachers and allied health professionals have completed these courses since their inception in late 2020 and participant feedback has been outstanding.

A number of teachers and allied health professionals who have completed SOLAR Lab short courses have gone on to enroll in the Language and Literacy specialisation of the La Trobe Master of Education. The short courses are non-award programs so do not provide credit towards a Master’s degree but they are a terrific foundation for people returning to formal study on the science of language and reading.

Discounts are available to schools that enroll 10 or more staff (or all of their staff, in the case of small schools).

The Science of Language and Reading – Intermediate

Masterclass: Developing Great Writing Skills

The first in a series of three short courses aimed at demystifying writing skills, this 1.5-hour taster provides an evidence-based short burst of learning on the key components of great writing, and how to correct hugely common writing errors.

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Improving Writing – The Science and Linguistics of Writing

Understanding the relationship between linguistics and writing will unlock your ability to teach writing more effectively. You’ll learn the building blocks for great writing; a framework for diagnosing and addressing writing errors and give your students the uplift they need to develop their writing skills.

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The Science of Teaching Writing

Research shows that student competencies in writing are diminishing and that teachers feel under-prepared to teach writing, often lacking experience in evidence-based instructional practices.  

This course builds your confidence and develops your skills in key teaching techniques that will have an impact on your students. 

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The Science of Learning for Effective Teaching

Uncover the secrets of effective teaching by understanding the science of learning – and transform your instructional practices impact in the classroom.

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